Sunday, 29 September 2013

Potato, onions and sugar beet being lifted

Root crop activity with the early sugar beet has been lifted and the onions started today with majority of the potatoes being lifted. 

Wheat drilling is well underway

Conqueror and Santiago are being drilled at a rapid rate. Chris is putting some long shifts in to beat the rain. 2500 acres in so far. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

PX Wash bays opens

Purpose built approved Environment Agency wash bay for the lorries and farm vehicles opens. 
Capable of washing three lorries at once and filling a fourth with Ad blue. All the water is separated through a sediment trap and then passes through a 3000 litre oil separator ending up in a 13000 litre holding tank to be sent away for incineration to prevent hydrocarbons from the cleaning agents and road film entering the watercourse. Power washers are kept in a bunded area with frost protection and auto reel retraction. Underground hoses to have power wash points the opposite side to prevent hoses being driven on and frost prevention. Electricity and water are off set by the solar panels and rain water harvesting from the grainstore. Sediment from the vehicles is collected and sent off site through a disposal scheme. 
The boys on the lorries gave it the thumbs up and Norman managed to be the first to use the wash bay. 
Part of the PX commitment to farming and the environment. 

Combines receive there annual wash before winter storage. 
Built by John Doyle and PX team. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Oil seed rape all drilled 2013

5 different varieties drilled. New varieties drilled on trail for DK. 
Fields have been rolled and sprayed with pre emergence and slug pelleted. 
Matilda inspects chris's drilling to give it the seal of approval.