Friday, 19 April 2013

New field drainage for the 21st century.

Plastic field drainage and gravel topped have been put in on three farms this week to combat against wet holes and improving drainage from the 60's and 70's. Crafts hill farm in Dry Drayton has had all of the land drainage connected into a new scheme and taken to the ditch running along Oakington road. This should help compact against the flooding on the roads.
I had a meeting with the County Council and an action plan has been put in place to flush the road drainage to remove silting and encourage adjoining neighbours to dig there ditches so Dry Drayton becomes 'Dry' again.
I'm exhausted from the expenditure and hopefully it will be the next generations troubles before revisited.

Controlled traffic farming and manure

Chicken Manure has been spread to reduce are dependence on artificial fertiliser. Spreading 12 mts on the ctf lines.
The direct drilled wheat and oil seeds have responded well with a marked improvement. The down side is the headland tramlines have taken a beating.
Sorry if the smell has caused distress in the surrounding areas.

Sugar Beet

Sugar beet gets drilled on 100 acres as a trail. Programmed to be lifted in September to stay in line for drilling a first wheat by the 25th September.

Sinking feeling

Drilling spring beans hasn't been without its challenges. Wonderful seed beds followed by wet holes. It took 1200 hp to get out. 437 acres of spring Fuego beans safely in and 2 acres approx avoided due to standing water. I spent more time under the drill unblocking counters than travelling forward. Hopefully they will grow.