Monday, 29 August 2011

Secondary cultivations

Getting ready for drilling the wheat in a week.
Oil seed rape is all in and starting to come through.
Julian is busy pressing the land to level and consolidate to encourage blackgrass to grow on one of the challengers.

Rexius Vaderstad twin press

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sad day as my favourite machine leaves

The founder member of the PX Farms museum leaves for a new life. Im going to keep tabs of its history so i can buy back in 20 years to put in the museum.

A comedian in every company

Jim Mcgarry drives J7 PXF

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cultivation and osr drilling

Chris and Chris using two 550 hp cat challengers.

Drilling osr with two 8 metre drills, one Vaderstad the other a Horsch. 85-100 ha each a day. The one on the right is the new member to the fleet. New 12 metre Horsch drill for next year has been ordered.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Automatic grain dryer

First in the world, automatic grain dryer. working with Z tech we have invented a automatic grain dryer. Retro fitted to any grain dryer with electric speed discharge. Set the out moisture to wheat at 15% mc and the dryer measures the moisture in and calculates the speeds and measures the moisture out. works on all crops. Technology uses microwave probes to measure the moisture. This will save labour and lost moisture. Estimated at savings of £40000 a year here along.

Solar panels makes the Press.

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Baling for electricity

Richard James and Chris Nunn came from Ousden nr Newmarket Suffolk to bale the straw for the power station at Ely. Straw yields where variable depending on first or second wheat crop or previous crop ie beans or osr. The best result we had was 3.66 bales at 620 kg a bale, the worst isnt worth mentioning.
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250 acres a day average, 1000 tonnes a day carted back to the store. We where clearing farms not fields this year. The chaser bin driver kept up with the two combines. The unloading time makes all the difference. Compaction was combated by running the bin on the cat challenger. We need to get the auger made longer or an adaption on the bin to get the chaser on the previous combines wheelings for controlled traffic.
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Horsch Chaser bin

Corn carting with the artic lorries and horsch chaser bin on the Cat challenger 75E. Chaser bin holds 28 tonne and unloads in 2.41 minutes. Theres no room for error at 170 kg a second.
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