Monday, 23 May 2011

Nuffield arable group adventure in hampshire

The Nuffield arable meet on thursday noon the day after my stag party. I wasn't firing on all cylinders. We looked around the Janaway enterprise and meet the family and had an enjoyable meal in the garden. It was interesting how the family each had a department and the success they where making in farming. Gavin one of the sons has taken the potatoe enterprise from 250 acres to 2000 acres.
The next day we visited frontier Southampton docks with a farmer collaboration grain drying plant. Andrew flux the grain procurement manager gave a good presentation and handed the Nuffield questions well. I suspect we will be seeing more of Andrew leading the likes of Frontier.
In the afternoon we visited david Miller at southwood farm who was a farmers weekly runner up last year.
In the evening we had our annual dinner with mike Adams from frontier as our evening speaker.
Saturday we had a morning visit at G Horn and sons where we saw high levels of attention to detail. Our afternoon visit was to Hampshire grain where rob Sanderson gave a talk on co op storage. Finding hampshire grain should go as a Nuffield test at interview stage.

Sarah and Richard Burt did a wonderful job of organising a wonderful few days.

Southampton docks full automation of grain plant.

Drier automation

Stag party fly fishing

Fly fishing at Avington lakes in hampshire. Only Adam west missing in the photo, he couldn't fit.

Father and his first fish of the day.

Can't disclose anymore about the day due to wife protection scheme.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Desiree Nuffield scholar from New Zealand has come to stay while she has a look at Oxford MBA course. Good luck to her I hope she gets in.
Fiona is on her way home with sushi for tea, it's all part of the James Peck diet. If it works I'll be a millionaire. So far it hasn't.

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Friday, 13 May 2011

Harvest is coming

Love it, the chaser bin has arrived. I waved good by to the Richard western we had used for 10 years. The mighty 27 tonne Horsch chaser bin has become a proud member of the PX fleet. It feels as if harvest has started. If it doesn't rain it won't be long.

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Australia Nuffield visits

Helen Thomas a 2010 Nuffield Scholar from Australia called in for two nights with husband Wayne. They are touring the Uk and europe for 7 weeks.

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Friday, 6 May 2011

Trimble following JD

Local farmer Ed Banks kindly sent Anthony with his Case tractor and Trimble steering through RTK farming. We down loaded the A and B lines from the John Deere box to the Trimble through gatekeeper. To see how far out from the line drawn by the John Deere rear hitch we followed with a technical method using Chris on the farm with a metal bar.

John Deere following the Trimble. See the cracks in the clay land.

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Location:Scotland Farm

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Crops and Farmers weekly article

This article appeared in the Crops and Farmers Weekly magazines last week. Farming is moving forward in great leaps and bounds with technology.
Still no rain, im even going to have to break my promise to be defeated and start complaining with other farmers about the weather, i think ill hold off just one more week and stay postive.
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